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About Lola Green

Welcome to LolaGreen! We are a pioneering startup that is on a mission to decarbonize the construction industry, one alternative building material at a time. 

Our journey began in January 2022, when we synthesized our first brick, and since then, we have grown in our efforts to select the most suitable waste solid streams in conjunction with plastic waste.

CEO: Sustainable Construction Solutions

Our innovative approach involves converting waste resources into durable construction products, with a particular focus on plastic and industrial waste.

Matimba Mabonda

Bsc. Eng (Chemical) | MSc Student – University of Cape Town.

Matimba Mabonda - LolaGreen CEO : Founder 2
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What We Do

At LolaGreen, our core focus is on the conversion of waste material into durable construction products. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions that address the negative environmental impact of traditional material production methods in light of climate change.


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